Here at Dos Gatos, we believe a lot of factors go into making great coffee.

To start, Counter Culture Coffee is the foundation of our coffee program. Counter Culture is a North Carolina-based roaster recognized nationwide not only for their great product but also for their education programs, direct relationships with coffee farmers, and industry-pushing sustainability efforts. We use locally produced Duchess Dairy in our milk-based drinks, as well as Chobani barista edition oatmilk and Blue Diamond unsweetened almondmilk for our nondairy customers. We make the majority of our syrups in house for the same reason—the quality matches the high standards of our other ingredients. It also allows our baristas to flex their creative muscles and come up with some truly inventive flavors.

Speaking of our baristas, our staff is a tight knit team of awesome people dedicated to the art of coffee. We’re always reading up and sharing news about the industry, practicing our latte art, and finding more ways to have fun with coffee. Several of them are taking continued education barista courses through the Counter Culture training facility in Asheville. From our products to our processes, everyone at Dos Gatos cares about making great coffee for Johnson City!

Although coffee is obviously our priority, it’s not all we offer. We carry a wide selection of Harney & Sons tea, have an entire menu of tea lattes and non-coffee beverages, and keep our cold case stocked with Dr. Enuf and various sparkling waters. Looking for a tasty breakfast or lunch? Our toast menu features locally made bread, cut an inch thick and loaded with delicious toppings such as Avocado Hummus, Pimento Cheese, or Smoked Salmon + Cream Cheese. Want a sweet treat to go with your drink? Our pastry case features coffee cake and muffins from our neighbors at Cakebuds and assorted artisan goods from Lazy Lady Bakes, who provides vegan and gluten-free selections as well. We try to have a little something for everyone.

Come visit us any day of the week at 238 East Main Street. The Market Square parking lot leads to our back entrance, and there’s plenty of street parking and other parking lots throughout downtown. Our hours are 8 am-5pm Monday through Friday, 9 am-3 pm Saturday and Sunday.