Dos Gatos x Counter Culture


As we approach our two year anniversary this weekend, we’ve been looking to the future and making changes to help us become the best Dos Gatos we can be. So we are very pleased to announce that we are partnering with Counter Culture Coffee as our new primary roaster!


Based in neighboring North Carolina, Counter Culture has pursued coffee perfection in their dedication to true fiscal, social, and environmental responsibility and their commitment to creating cutting-edge coffee people for over 20 years. They’re an early pioneer of direct trade, ordering and working with coffee farmers and cooperatives personally rather than relying on middle men. Beyond this model, their annual Transparency Report catalogs every coffee they purchase by specific producer, price per pound (about three times the global average!), environmental and agricultural methods, and more—for 2018 alone, over 300 coffees are described in full detail. You can even access these reports and more about their company’s mission for yourself on their website.

But beyond sourcing and sustainability practices, what does this switch mean for us and for you?

First and foremost, it means Counter Culture’s nationally acclaimed coffee will be the basis of our drink program. After tasting numerous blends and single origins, we’ve picked our favorite roasts that are sure to become your favorites too—in fact, we’ve already heard great feedback from those of you who’ve been by the shop since the switch. Secondly, Dos Gatos has access to a tremendous amount of education. We’ve always prided ourselves for our desire to be excellent, and now we have a regional team at Counter Culture’s Asheville lab whose entire job is to help us learn more about coffee in every way. From staff wide training to personalized courses and barista certifications, these opportunities will push our knowledge to the next level and help us make your coffee experience at a Dos Gatos truly exceptional. Finally, we’re excited that Counter Culture is a privately owned company, a huge deal once you learn how many specialty roasters are owned by massive corporate conglomerates. We’re looking forward to the more personal relationship and attention that a smaller business can give us.

We understand that some of you will miss your Stumptown fix. Don’t worry! We’re going to continue carrying a selection of Stumptown on retail for your home coffee needs, as well as rotating single origins from Counter Culture and local Telos Coffee Roasters. As always, we’re doing our best to give you the best we can, and we’re excited to do that even better moving forward.

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